Why Choose Sentara

Sometimes it’s hard to think clearly about "matters of the heart." But it’s important to have the facts and to make an informed decision. Because, unfortunately, one in four people will have — or have had — a heart-related problem.

The Choice for Comprehensive Services

Over the years, the Sentara RMH vision has been to offer a comprehensive heart and vascular program to our community, making it unnecessary to leave the area for care. Now, with its fully comprehensive program, community members have easy access to prevention, diagnosis and treatment of their heart and vascular conditions.

We offer:

  • Cardiac surgery (24/7)
  • Thoracic surgery (24/7)
  • Vascular surgery (24/7)
  • Coronary intervention (24/7)
  • Vascular intervention (24/7)
  • Cardiac CT/MRI
  • Stroke treatment (24/7)
  • Electrophysiology
  • Carotid artery stenting
  • Heart and vascular diagnostic services
  • Inpatient acute care
  • Outreach clinics
  • Cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation
  • Mended Hearts support group
  • Implant support group
  • Peripheral vascular screenings