Respiratory Therapy

Sentara Home Care Services Medical and Respiratory Equipment helps each patient achieve and maintain their highest level of independence. We provide not only a comprehensive range of equipment, but also the therapies and educational instruction that enable patients to maximize its benefits.

A patient's readjustment to daily living at home can be facilitated by a wide variety of products we provide to help with comfort and mobility.

Patients needing specialized equipment during their recovery may also choose from a complete inventory of wheelchairs, sophisticated adaptive equipment, and specialty seating systems.

  • Nutrition Equipment and Services

    Our registered dietitian is available to provide professional consultation to ensure the patient is getting complete nourishment. For patients who require enteral or parenteral nutrition, we provide nutritional options that can be delivered to your home including:

    • Tube feeding supplies
    • Delivery pumps
    • Wide variety of formulas
    • Medical nutrition therapy

    What is Medical Nutrition Therapy?

    Medical nutrition therapy includes an in-depth nutritional assessment followed by appropriate therapy and counseling by a registered dietitian. This is an important component to a patient’s overall medical care. The dietitian will develop a nutrition plan, and make sure the patient is in compliance with his/her therapeutic diet.

    Benefits of medical nutrition therapy include:

    • Optimization of nutritional status
    • Prevention or minimization of specific nutritional deficiencies
    • Implementation of a healthy weight loss or weight gain program
    • Maximization of medical treatmentsMinimization of health care costs

    Any patient receiving home health through Sentara Home Care Services (i.e. skilled nursing, rehabilitative therapies or respiratory services) qualifies for medical nutrition therapy, as well as any diabetic patients covered by Medicare.

    For more information on medical nutrition therapy offered by Sentara Home Care Services, call 800-HOMECARE

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