Home Rehabilitation Services

Sentara Home Health Services offers a comprehensive spectrum of home rehabilitation therapies to help our patients achieve and maintain their highest level of independence.

Our team of physical, occupational and speech therapists teach, guide and assist our patients to get back on their feet after surgery and help them relearn and practice the activities of daily living.

  • Physical Therapy
    • Evaluation of disabilities
    • Gait assessment and training
    • Therapeutic exercises and muscle re-education
    • Strengthening/endurance Safety/durable medical equipment needs
    • Mobility/transfer training Balance/postural training
    • Ultrasound/TENS/Electrical StimulationContinuous passive motion (CPM)
  • Occupational Therapy
    • Home environment assessment
    • Wheelchair assessment
    • Retraining in activities of daily living
    • Adaptive equipment/splints
    • Upper extremity muscle re-education
    • Perceptual motor facilitation

  • Speech Therapy
    • Receptive/expressive communication
    • Articulation/fluency/voice training
    • Cognitive functioning Dysphagia/oral motor facilitation
    • VitalStim™ Therapy for dysphagia
      Sentara Home Care Services is proud to offer VitalStim™ Therapy, a ground-breaking, effective treatment for patients with dysphagia (difficulty swallowing). This state-of-the-art, patented treatment protocol produces remarkable results rarely seen before in the treatment of swallowing disorders.

      Research shows that the combination of electrical stimulation provided by VitalStim™ and traditional treatment techniques is very effective in restoring swallowing function.
      A physician’s referral for a swallow evaluation is required prior to the introduction of VitalStim™.

    For more information or to arrange for VitalStim™ Therapy through Sentara Home Care Services, call 800-HOMECARE or 888-461-5649888-461-5649 outside of Virginia.

  • Nursing Rehabilitation

    When we deliver medical equipment to a patient’s home, our team of professional technicians, therapists and nursing staff step in to teach, guide and assist. Education is provided for the patient and caregiver about the disease process, proper use of the equipment and tips to avoid problems. Our medical and respiratory staff is available 24 hours a day.

    Services include:

    • Medication compliance
    • Infection prevention
    • Nutrition
    • Coagulation therapy

    Our exceptional team is made up of carefully selected and screened professionals who provide the same high quality care that physicians and patients alike have come to expect from Sentara. You can be confident that our staff treats patients and family members with the utmost care and respect.

    We work directly with physicians and hospital case managers and discharge planners to ensure a smooth transition from hospital or skilled care to home. A staff professional meets with and/or assesses the needs of the patient with respect to the equipment ordered. Patients and equipment are continually monitored to ensure that it is timely and up to date.

    Our financial counselors are available to help patients determine covered services and file the necessary paperwork. Insurance reimbursement is available for most medical and respiratory equipment ordered by a physician.

    For more information on home medical equipment and services, call 800-HOMECARE.

  • Additional Rehab Programs
    • Heart Rehab at Home
    • A Step Ahead, a Fall Risk and Vestibular Therapy Program
    • Pre-Operative Rehab Home Program
    • Post-Operative Rehab Home Program
    • Stroke at Home Program