Lung Cancer
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Lung Cancer

You didn’t believe it could happen to you, but there is hope. Now is the time that you want the specialists across the Sentara Cancer Network on your side.

Sentara Cancer Network is a leader in cancer care with expertise in diagnosing and treating patients with lung cancers of all kinds. To ensure each patient receives the best care possible, a team of lung cancer experts comes together in a multidisciplinary cancer conference, or tumor board, to discuss complex patient cases and tailor a comprehensive, personalized treatment plan. We offer the most advanced technologies and treatment options available for lung cancer and were first in the region to offer video-assisted thoracic surgery, non-invasive CyberKnife® radiosurgery and much more.

Sentara Cancer Network also goes a step farther to ensure lung cancer patients receive the best treatment possible. Navigating a cancer diagnosis and treatment is not easy - for the patient or their family. That’s why we have a nurse navigator to guide you through the diagnosis and treatment process, as well as connect you to support groups and community programs to find others experiencing similar challenges. We know that it takes more than medicine to help you heal, and Sentara is committed to caring for you and your family through the process.

We also work hard to help improve education and awareness in the community about the importance of screenings to improve early detection. Tobacco cessation education and support is a big piece of those, though not all lung cancer is caused by tobacco usage. A low-dose CT lung screening can also help find lung cancers early, before the cancer has spread, increasing the chance of successful treatment and survival.

Wherever you are in your journey, Sentara will be there to help you to the next step like we were for Zoe. Read her story and even more patient stories to see how Sentara Cancer Network could make a difference in your life.

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