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In order to match you with the best appointment to meet your individual needs, please answer a few questions:


To proceed, please answer all of the questions.

1. Do you have any breast problems such as pain, a lump, discharge, skin thickening, nipple retraction, or is this a follow up to an abnormal mammogram?
2. Is this your first mammogram since having a breast biopsy or breast reduction?
3. Do you need assistance to stand?
4. Are you pregnant?
5. Do you have a special communication need?
6. Did you have your last mammogram at Sentara? (If this is your first mammogram, please answer yes to proceed).

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We'd like to customize your appointment based on one or more of your responses. Please contact one of our breast centers to request a diagnostic mammogram appointment.

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All of our locations offer digital mammography. In addition, most locations also offer the latest 3D mammography, which allows physicians to have more views of the breast image. Depending on your insurance type, there may be an additional cost for 3D mammography.

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Reminder: Most insurance policies only cover one screening mammogram per year. Make sure you are scheduling your appointment at least one year and one day after your last mammogram.