One-Day or Outpatient Surgery

Sentara RMH offers a One-Day Surgery program through our Outpatient Center. This program allows you to have your surgical procedure, safely recover, and then return home—all in one day. One-day surgery at Sentara RMH is a convenient option for patients that is provided in a safe, full-service hospital environment. Please note that the amount of time you may need to spend in the hospital will depend upon what procedure you have as well as the type of anesthesia used.

Sentara RMH also offers an Ambulatory Surgery Extended program. If you are a One-Day Surgery patient and special needs arise involving pain control or nausea (or if your surgery is more extensive than expected), your physician may change your status to Ambulatory Surgery Extended. This means you will recover in a hospital room and be discharged later that same evening or the following day.

The Morning Admission Program offers patients who need to stay in the hospital after their surgery the option of staying at home the night before. Under this program, patients arrive at the Outpatient Center the morning of their surgery to be admitted. After surgery, these patients are then transferred to a hospital room for extended care.