Why Choose Sentara

Whether your surgery is inpatient or outpatient at Sentara RMH, you will be cared for by the same highly skilled team of experienced surgeons and nurses, all of whom have access to the latest technology at Sentara RMH.


We'd like to introduce you to SmarTrack, an interactive tool that allows family members to monitor surgical patients' status and location at Sentara RMH from the time they register through discharge.

How does SmarTrack work?

  • Each surgical patient is randomly assigned a Patient ID number during registration.
  • That ID number will appear on the SmarTrack screens (located in the West and North Tower surgical waiting areas), along with information about the patient's current location, status and surgery start time.
  • Varying colors are used to indicate the patient's status, as explained in the key to the right of the SmarTrack screen.
  • SmarTrack will enable you to follow your loved one's progress through surgery while also preserving his or her confidentiality and privacy.

Smart OR

The Smart OR at Sentara RMH uses hi-tech voice-activated controls to streamline every motion of the surgical team, allowing them to focus their attention completely upon the patient. The Smart OR system controls room lighting, table position, pumps, X-ray viewing, and other functions all through voice commands to help the skilled surgical team improve efficiency. The Smart OR not only saves valuable time during surgery, it also helps improve patient care.