Golf Performance Program

It takes extraordinary coordination to perform a golf swing. Muscles have to fire in rapid sequence. Tendons, ligaments and joints are stretched and challenged in response. Extensive stress can occur in the chest muscles, shoulders and hips. It takes a proper combination of strength, flexibility and balance to perform a golf swing and go on playing, walking and swinging, hole after hole. The well-conditioned golfer not only plays better, but recovers faster and is ready to go on to other activities - or more rounds of golf.

The Golf Performance Program Can Benefit:

  • Golfers seeking to return to the sport after orthopedic injuries or surgery
  • Golfers wishing to prevent future injuries and increase endurance
  • Golfers wanting the improved sports performance of better physical conditioning.

Video analysis: See yourself playing and feeling better

Therapists who practice at Sentara understand each complex, demanding physical component of golf. They know what it takes to overcome limitations and play with the athletic conditioning of a pro. They will show you – using video analysis-- to observe every aspect of your game as it improves, move by move.

Look at all you've got to gain - not to mention what you might be able to lose in terms of strokes per hole.

Discover in a personal video and evaluation where you have swing limitations and learn appropriate, safe stretches to improve.

Build endurance with functional exercises that incorporate the specifics of the golf swing for improved distance and accuracy.

After surgery, and as we grow older, deficiencies in balance can hinder control during a golf swing. Improved balance results in better swing consistency.

Your goal, and ours, is to bring all the parts together into a well-executed golf swing that produces better play, fewer injuries and greater endurance.