Orthopedic Therapy

Joint Services Pro-Ex Plus Program

Pre-surgical conditioning program studies have shown that physical conditioning before surgery helps patients recover more quickly after surgery. In collaboration with the Sentara RMH Wellness Center, Sentara RMH Therapy Services offers a program to promote pre-surgery conditioning for patients undergoing orthopedic surgery.

The floating 12 week training program is designed to meet each patient’s individual needs and encourages stronger, more flexible joints. The program begins with an assessment by one of our certified physical therapists and offers:

  • Membership to the Sentara RMH Wellness Center for a floating 12 weeks
  • Weeks that are not used prior to orthopedic surgery are saved for after surgery
  • Group meeting with fitness specialist twice a week

Post-Surgery Rehabilitation

Following orthopedic surgery, such as a total hip replacement or total knee replacement, patients have specific functional and rehabilitative goals that are best addressed by physical therapists and occupational therapists.

These goals include: relieving pain, restoring range of motion, increasing strength, improving bed mobility, transfers, gait and, if necessary, stair climbing. Clinicians develop a personalized rehabilitation program to maximize the function of the new and improved joint following surgery.