Your heart, in our capable hands: Choosing a hospital in the Sentara network means access to some of the nation’s top cardiologists.

Advanced Cardiac Care is Closer Than You Think

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Sentara Williamsburg Regional Medical Center is proud to serve our community. This modern medical center has 145 licensed beds, is a Certified Primary Stroke Center and treats patients using the latest healthcare treatments and technologies.

However, there are times when even all of that isn’t enough to guarantee the best outcome for certain critical or complex cardiac interventions. And that’s when the benefits of being part of the Sentara Heart Hospital network really pays off.

Sentara Heart Hospital

U.S. News & World Report ranked Sentara Heart Hospital number 24 in the nation for cardiac care (in a list of 620 hospitals), and is the only nationally ranked heart program in Virginia. Our patients receive the highest quality of care, access to the top cardiac specialists and the most cutting-edge techniques and technologies.

“When I refer my patients to transfer their care to Sentara Heart Hospital, I know that they will receive the best care and have the best outcome possible,” says Kerry Prewitt, M.D., an interventional cardiologist with Sentara Cardiology Specialists at Sentara Williamsburg Regional Medical Center. “The volume of cardiac procedures performed at Sentara Heart Hospital is huge compared with many other medical centers, and high volume correlates to better outcomes due to the frequency they perform these specialized procedures.”

The hospital not only performs a high volume of procedures, but the physicians are also involved in the latest clinical research and trials of new drugs, procedures and protocols. And that translates into advanced, effective care that patients may not receive at other centers.

Sentara eCare®

Besides the benefits of being treated at a nationally ranked hospital, there are also benefits to staying within the Sentara Healthcare system. With Sentara eCare®, the Sentara electronic medical record system, your medical record will be immediately available to the physicians at Sentara Heart Hospital. They will see your historical health records, and will add any new information to this same record. These are always available to any Sentara provider, from Sentara Cardiology Specialists to Sentara Medical Group primary care. This connection of care provides you with seamless and comprehensive care. 

Moving from Sentara Williamsburg Regional Medical Center to Sentara Heart Hospital

Sentara Heart Hospital is only about 30 miles from Williamsburg, so noncritical patients can simply elect to move their care to that facility when scheduling a procedure or treatment. In an emergency, patients already at Sentara Williamsburg Regional Medical Center can be transferred by ambulance, or even the Nightingale Air Ambulance helicopter, to ensure they get the critical care they need as quickly as possible.

“Staying within the Sentara system offers many benefits to patients,” says Dr. Prewitt. “Including some of the best doctors and the best outcomes for any cardiac condition.”