How do you sit during the day? If you sit at a desk, there are certain steps you can take to improve your posture and create a stronger and healthier back.

Posture tips for a healthy spine

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Take a closer look at how you sit throughout the day. You might find that taking a few of these tips will help alleviate stress in different areas of your body.

Top 12 tips to better sitting postures at work

  1. Sit with back straight and align the ears, shoulders and hips in one vertical line.
  2. All normal curves of the back should be present. A lumbar roll can be used to maintain the neutral curves of the back.
  3. Distribute weight evenly on both hips.
  4. Slope your chair slightly forward so that knees are at a right angle and even with or slightly higher than the hips.
  5. Don’t cross legs. Keep feet flat on floor or surface. Use a stool or foot rest if necessary.
  6. Your computer screen should be at eye level or slightly lower and roughly at arm’s length away to avoid eye strain.
  7. Your wrists should be relaxed and straight, not angled up or down.
  8. Position your keyboard so that it is flat and close to elbow level when possible.
  9. Adjust your work surface at a height to allow the elbows to be relaxed at a 70-135 degree angle.
  10. Get out of seat every 30 minutes to stand, stretch and move. Set beeps or timers on computers and drink a lot of water so you have to use bathroom often, or take a phone call standing.
  11. Take stairs, walk during lunch and deliver message in person instead of emailing.
  12. Don’t cradle phone with shoulder. Use a headset when possible.


About the Author

Kyla Kraft, MPT, MTC specializes in outpatient orthopedic rehabilitation with certification in manual therapy. She has more than 11 years of clinical experience working with variety of diagnoses and age groups with the goal of assisting patients in returning to their prior level of function.