A near deadly crash turns into a happy ending.

When only Nightingale can save a life

Image Amanda Kloehr Hr Nightingale Foundation Image Amanda Kloehr Hr Nightingale Foundation Image Amanda Kloehr Hr Nightingale Foundation

Life can change in an instant, and it certainly did for Amanda Kloehr, a then 20-year-old Air Force airman, while driving down the Eastern Shore. Coming from New Jersey, Amanda doesn’t remember what she was doing - texting, using the GPS or just not paying attention - when she slammed into a stopped tractor-trailer. Her face hit a forklift on the trailer, and her car was nearly flattened when it slid underneath, pushing the tractor-trailer six feet forward.

“The first officer on the scene said it was the most gruesome accident he had witnessed,” Amanda shared. “He did the only two things he could think of to help me: Call for Sentara Nightingale Regional Air Ambulance because he knew an ambulance could never get me to the hospital fast enough and pray.” 

A fast start to a long recovery

As soon as Nightingale arrived, the Sentara staff sedated Amanda and rushed her to Sentara Norfolk General Hospital. She stayed for over a month. After a medically induced, week-long coma, over 20 surgeries, the loss of her right eye, a snapped ankle and major facial reconstruction including 36 plates and 48 screws, Amanda was grateful to have survived.

After learning to walk again, a process that took a year, Amanda retired from the Air Force and works to raise awareness about the dangers of distracted driving.

 “This could easily be your loved one, family member or friend,” she said. “I have dedicated my life to educating others, who may not be lucky enough to have Nightingale to save them. I have been given a second chance at life, thanks to Sentara. I truly cannot thank you all enough for providing this incredible service.”


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