From the emergency room to his cardiologist and rehab staff, this heart patient knows he can trust his caregivers.

Heart patient knows he can trust his care team

When it comes to heart problems, Bob Fehse can lay claim to "been there, done that." His first pacemaker was implanted in 1998; five years later he had his first flutter ablation. When both began to fail, he once again faced invasive cardiology procedures. He chose Sentara Martha Jefferson Hospital for his care.

"I've been to many other hospitals. But for my care, there is no other choice; being at Sentara Martha Jefferson is like coming home," said Bob.

When he arrived in the emergency room after not feeling well one day, cardiologist Dr. William Freedman evaluated his condition and detected the presence of an atrial flutter. He also diagnosed Bob with congestive heart failure, which was taxing his heart and his pulmonary function. Soon a multidisciplinary team was addressing the causes of Bobs' deteriorating health. Dr. Chris Friend, a cardiologist specializing in device implantation, took the lead on Bobs' care, which included a second pacemaker, a coronary artery stent and a third flutter ablation. 

Nearly good as new

"I'm back to myself again, and doing the things I love," Bob said after his treatments.

He now exercises three days a week at the Sentara Martha Jefferson Hospital cardiac rehabilitation program with the rehabilitation staff supervising.

"I had a dizzy spell during one of my exercise sessions. Before I could say anything about it, the staff had already picked up on it,” Bob shared. “One of them performed an EKG immediately so that they could determine what was happening. The physician and nurse response rate was so fast; they were with me right away. If it weren't for them, I couldn't do the activities that are so important in building my strength."

Bob is back to what he loves the most: He volunteers at local soup kitchens and works with a group of churches advocating for justice. He's once again taking long evening walks with his wife. Bob's heart and pulmonary conditions will remain with him, but under the watchful care of his Sentara Martha Jefferson Hospital physicians and their staff, his life will retain the quality that this good-hearted man deserves.



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