Sentara Nightingale Regional Air Ambulance is a vital link in the team that saved this heart attack victim.

Kind hearts and helpful hands

Cedric Bryant Hr Nightingale Heart Shh Massive Heart Attack

Driving his truck in Franklin one day, Cedric Bryant’s heart completely stopped. He was alone in the car with his three dogs on his way to repair his lawnmower. As he lost consciousness, his truck careened off the road and smashed into a telephone pole.

Fortunately for Cedric, a woman driving behind him suspected what happened. When an Emergency Medial Technician (EMT) who just happened to live across the street ran over to help, she told him what she thought. The EMT immediately began administering CPR and was able to revive him while she called 911.

The ambulance arrived within minutes and took him to Southampton Memorial Hospital, where he had to be revived twice more. To address Cedric’s serious condition, the doctors at Southampton Memorial immediately called for Sentara Nightingale Regional Air Ambulance to take him to the Sentara Heart Hospital

“The best around” 

Once again, Cedric’s heart stopped and was revived while in the helicopter. Arriving at the hospital, Cedric had an emergency quadruple bypass. His lungs and kidneys were failing as well.

“They didn’t know if I would make it, Cedric says. “I died four times, but I’ll tell you one thing, those surgeons at Sentara Heart Hospital are the best around. If you have a heart attack, that’s where you need to go.”

Cedric was in a coma for six weeks. Against all odds (a 1 percent chance of survival according to the doctors), he pulled through.

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