Taking the first step on the journey to better health.

The how-tos healthy habits

Dianne Saylor, a Charlottesville resident, recently decided to take steps to get her own health under control. While attending a free diabetes screening at the Sentara Martha Jefferson Hospital Starr Hill Health Center, Saylor came across a flyer outlining the services the center provides.

“The flyer said you can learn to eat healthy and lose weight, so I decided to try it,” she said.

Saylor set an appointment with Nurse Practitioner Mi­randa Trent and within five weeks had lost 12 pounds. 

Making changes  

“I get more exercise, walking an hour every day instead of a half-hour like I used to,” said Saylor. “I cut out soda and just drink water now, and I don’t eat fast food as much. Instead, I added more fruits and vegetables to my diet.”

Nurse Miranda is impressed with the changes Dianne made.

“People can take charge of their blood pressure and diabetes by losing some weight and making a few changes,” said Miranda, “and Dianne really has done that. It isn’t always easy, but she is doing the work.”

“It’s a really good program, and it works if you want it and are committed,” added Dianne. “I feel like I am getting good results. It’s good to have a free program like this.”

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