Don attended the Sentara Martha Jefferson Hospital three-hour Joint Camp class before his surgery. The session gave him a checklist to complete in the weeks before his procedure.

Saying goodbye to hip pain

Don King Charlottesville Ortho

An avid fisherman and bow hunter, Don King knew it was time to seek help when pain and stiffness in his right hip kept him from pursuing his favorite outdoor sports. An X-ray in February 2014 showed bone rubbing on bone, and Don’s doctor said he needed hip replacement surgery.

Don chose Sentara Martha Jefferson orthopedic surgeon Megan Swanson as his surgeon because of her impressive credentials, her proximity to his home and her interpersonal skills.

“Dr. Swanson is a terrific communicator, and she was willing to spend all the time necessary to explain exactly what was involved with the surgery and what was expected of me,” recalls Don, 74, of Keswick. “She was down-to-earth in her explanations, and she gained my confidence right away.”

Don attended Sentara Martha Jefferson’s three-hour Joint Camp class before his surgery. The session gave him a checklist to complete in the weeks before his procedure, including having an annual physical exam, a dental checkup and an electrocardiogram, and meeting with a physical therapist. He learned preoperative exercises that prepared his hip muscles for recovery.

"Listening to the concerns of other people at the Joint Camp session who were preparing to undergo the same or a similar procedure was helpful,” says King. “But there was so much more to it. While I was prepared to focus on surgery and do it the right way, Joint Camp gave me the road map to know exactly what I needed to do to accomplish that.”

Don’s surgery was a success, and he only spent one night in the hospital. Per Dr. Swanson’s protocol, he received daily visits from a nurse and a physical therapist for a week after his return home. Following that week, he went to physical therapy and was released from care 10 weeks after surgery.

Now, Don is back riding his bike, fly-fishing and bow hunting. He also has resumed his golf game.

“My experience at Sentara Martha Jefferson Hospital could not have been improved upon. The staff were professional and friendly. My room was perfect, with a view of the rolling hills, and the food was excellent. Different people and different hips may require different approaches to the surgery, but I’m convinced that you cannot go wrong with Dr. Swanson and Sentara Martha Jefferson Orthopedics,” says Don.


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