Sentara Hospice House delivers the care that families rely on.

Sentara Hospice House provides a place for comfort

Rosemary, who was helping her brother Jack as he faced a life-threatening condition, hadn’t travelled to see other family in six years.

As Jack tried therapy after therapy unsuccessfully, Rosemary and the doctors discussed the possibility of respite care at Sentara Hospice House

A place for comfort  

“Right when you go in the door, it is a very comforting facility,” Rosemary shared. “It feels more like you are in someone’s home.”

She was happy that Jack felt the same.

“All of them have been so good to me,” he said of the staff.

Jack also enjoyed the beautiful grounds around Sentara Hospice House, where a landscape garden serves as home for many birds. He would smile as he heard the birds chirping outside the window.

Knowing that all of her brother’s needs were being met – from receiving his medicine on time to talking with new friends -- gave Rosemary peace of mind. That sense of security allowed her to relax some and enjoy her visit with family in Michigan.

She now recommends Sentara Hospice House to others:

“It truly is a warm, comforting environment,” she said, “with personal care that encompasses the spiritual, physical and psychological.”


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