From hospital to home care, Sentara treats the whole person.

Easing arthritis pain - and much more

Image Joanne Nelson Hooks Hip Replacement Nv Image Joanne Nelson Hooks Hip Replacement Nv Image Joanne Nelson Hooks Hip Replacement Nv

JoAnn Nelson-Hooks has a can-do attitude, even when her body says “no can-do.” She recently turned to the Sentara OrthoJoint Center at Sentara Northern Virginia Medical Center and Sentara Home Care to lessen her pain — and get back to her beloved line dancing.

“I have suffered for several years. One week before I was scheduled for a total right knee replacement, I complained to Dr. Sabloff that my hip had become worse than my knee. He did an X-ray showing bone on bone. He and I agreed to have the hip done,” said JoAnn.

JoAnn has had many surgical procedures, and she found the care she received at Sentara above and beyond all others. She felt as if she made a new friend when she learned from Phyllis at the joint replacement class she attended before her surgery.

Post surgery, she also relied on the occupational therapy and physical therapy staff.

“I had no clue how to proceed without causing possible injury,” JoAnn shared.

She found everyone’s dedication, from the hospitalists and housekeeping staff to the nurses and dieticians, equally impressive.

Setting a standard of excellence

“The care I received at the hospital led me to choose Sentara Home Care Services,” said JoAnn. “I assumed they would offer me the same high-quality care, and I was correct. I received nursing care from Philomena Ajumobi and physical therapy care from Natalie Maharaj.”

Nurse Philomena Ajumobi works to fully engage her patients as well. When she meets a new patient, she might spend an hour talking with him or her.

“Patients can be very confused about everything they’re facing,” she said. “I like to look at the whole person. Home care gives you a chance to get to know the person. I try to talk about their health as a whole. I love helping people, especially when I can witness the results because I see the patients often.”

In JoAnn’s case, the results will one day soon also be seen on the dance floor:

“I am getting closer and closer to engaging in my beloved activity of line dancing,” says JoAnn, “all because of the help, sensitivity, understanding, knowledge, and excellent care that I received from Sentara.”

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