Third grader Josh Martin recovers from life-threatening conditions.

From the emergency room to baseball's opening day

Image Melinda And Josh Martin Halifax Emergency Image Melinda And Josh Martin Halifax Emergency Image Melinda And Josh Martin Halifax Emergency

Melinda Martin, a 21-year-employee at Sentara Halifax Regional Hospital, had used the hospital’s emergency department a few times before December 8, 2014, but never had she come in yelling.

“I had gotten a call to get my 8-year-old son, Josh, at school,” Melinda explains. “He had passed out. In the car after I picked him up, he kept falling asleep. He was balling up in pain. I walked in the emergency room and yelled, ‘Y’all give me a doctor now! Something is wrong with my child!’”

The staff responded immediately and soon after asking questions, took Josh for an x-ray. As Melinda called family, she heard “Code Blue” over the announcement system.

“They were doing CPR on Josh,” Melinda says. “Then he coded again a few minutes later when he was back in the emergency room.”

Saving a life

Melinda credits Physician Assistant Michael Compton, Dr. Michelle Helms, Dr. James McCubbin, Physician Assistant Barry McCormick, along with all of the Emergency Department nurses and staff with saving Josh’s life.

“Chaplain Norman Talley stayed with the family and comforted us,” says Melinda. “Everyone just stepped in and helped in whatever way they could. They all pulled together.”

“Our family thanks the entire hospital staff for everything they did for us, from the prayers, phone calls, visits and continued support.  Joshua is truly “our” miracle, says Melinda.

Josh was transported to Duke Children’s Hospital, where he had two major surgeries. They removed his gallbladder and gave him a blood thinner.

Four months later, Josh was on the road to recovery.

“We’re being cautious and having a homebound teacher come to us still. He’s not quite up to playing baseball for the season right, but his old coach called and asked him to pitch the first ball in the league’s opener,” Melinda shares. “He’s getting stronger, and we were so proud when he threw that pitch!”

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