A knee replacement made it possible for Lorene to do what she loves most.

Walking the dog again after knee replacement

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Knee pain was keeping Lorene from enjoying life's simple pleasures, like walking her dog.

"I was bone-to-bone," she said. “My ACL was torn and my meniscus, too.”

Doctors worked with Lorene, offering her injections and physical therapy. When the treatments didn’t work, they suggested another option: knee replacement. 

Up and walking 

Lorene chose Sentara OrthoJoint Center at Sentara CarePlex Hospital for her surgery. Before returning home, she attended physical therapy sessions at the Center. She was walking almost immediately, amazed that she could take hundreds of steps so soon after her surgery.      

Her quick recovery continued when she got home: She stopped her pain medication just four days later.

Most important: Lorene is able to walk her dog as often as she’d like. She even does so at the hospital, where she volunteers with the pet therapy staff.

She has only one regret:

"I'm sorry I didn't have the replacement done 10 years ago," she said.



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