A hip replacement instantly took away Mike’s long-felt pain.

Pinpointing the problem

Mike wasn’t sure which part of his body was causing his pain. He would walk, and he’d feel pressure in his hip -- but the only injury he could ever remember was one to his back.

Finally, barely able to move from the intense pain, he decided to see a surgeon.

“I was surprised when he pointed to the hip area of the x-ray,” Mike said. 

Pain-free once again 

Mike and his surgeon agreed on Sentara OrthoJoint Center at Sentara Obici Hospital for a hip replacement.

The pain that was so present in Mike’s life was immediately gone after the surgery. He did so well with the procedure and therapy afterwards that he never took any pain medicines.

He quickly progressed from a walker to a cane to his own feet.

“I can walk all I want,” he says.

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