TURP: The surgery that can reduce an enlarged prostate and eliminate urination concerns.

A fast fix

Image Ray Perry Snvmc Prostate Image Ray Perry Snvmc Prostate Image Ray Perry Snvmc Prostate

Retired Marine Raymond Perry, 80, didn’t want to have an operation or go to the hospital, but in 2015, he faced his fears at Sentara Northern Virginia Medical Center

“Dr. (Inderjit) Singh is an old friend of mine,” Raymond says. “He chewed me out for waiting so long. I was having some trouble for about a year.” 

His concern: Frequent urination.

Raymond suspected he was once again facing an enlarged prostate.

Dr. Singh confirmed that he had benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) and recommended transurethral resection of the prostate, known as TURP. The doctor had performed the TURP surgery on Raymond five years earlier. Because part of the prostate gland is left behind during the surgery, BPH can redevelop. 

During TURP, the doctor uses a tool called a resectoscope to see any extra prostate tissue around the urethra and trim it. The trimming allows the urine to flow better. 

Other symptoms that might signify BPH include: 

  • Difficulty starting urination
  • Slow urination
  • Urinating more often at night
  • Stopping and starting while urinating
  • Feeling as if you can't empty your bladder
  • Urinary tract infections
  • Inability to urinate 

One night and many helpers 

Afterwards, Raymond was relieved to have the surgery behind him and equally relieved that his one-night hospital stay went well. 

“The care I received was superb,” he says. 

His list of super stars begins with Dr. Singh and includes several nurses and technicians.   

“Patricia, a nurse practitioner, coordinated everything with true professionalism. She gave me 200 milligrams of intravenous water to make it possible for me to urinate, which I needed to do to be discharged,” Raymond shares. “Francis, the technician, draws blood and you don't feel the needle. Bettina was my night angel. Laura and Janice were true caring, professionals. My wife, Mary Jane, who was a nurse, stayed with me all night, too. ” 

He sums up his experience:  “I felt like I was staying at the Ritz Carlton.”

After six weeks of limited activity, Raymond was back to his regular workouts at a Marine Corps gym.

“I’m there three times a week,” he says.




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