Seeing how much her weight was affecting her health helped this woman conquer her concerns about surgery.

Facing the facts and overcoming the fears to get healthy

Sherrie’s doctor was suggesting that she take insulin. She had a family history of diabetes and heart problems, and Sherrie knew she needed to do something about her weight before she encountered serious problems.   

“I was asked many times about weightloss surgery,” she shared. “But I was scared.”

With the mention of insulin, which could be a daily, lifelong commitment, Sherrie opened her mind and started to do some research. 

Overcoming fears 

“I talked to my family, too,” she said.

Having made the decision to move forward, Sherrie is now glad she did so. She’s finally able to walk around amusement parks with her family, and if her teenaged daughters ask her to join in with their soccer or field hockey, she can.

“I still have to be committed and eat right and exercise,” said Sherrie. “There’s support with a monthly support group at Sentara and weekly behavior modification classes. The surgery is a tool, and you do the work. I tell people ‘don’t wait.’ I like walking without pain.”


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