Camp NoWeezin

Children with asthma often face special challenges. While most of us take breathing for granted, youngsters afflicted with this potentially debilitating disease can’t afford to. The pangs of asthma can rob children of many of the experiences their peers enjoy without a second thought every day.

For three days in June on the campus of the Currituck Family YMCA, Sentara Albemarle Medical Center will offer 20 children a chance to learn better ways of dealing with asthma, in a fun and safe environment designed to be as entertaining as it is educational. This asthma program provides a fun environment for asthma education for 7, 8, and 9-year olds.

Each morning, campers will begin the day with some simple testing and then learn more about their disease from physicians and qualified hospital staff. Immediately following asthma education management, the children will have the opportunity to forget about their asthma and enjoy activities such as outdoor games, swimming, and themed parties.

“The idea behind CAMP NOWEEZIN is to combine learning with fun,” said Arina Boldt, Manager of Healthy Communities and Program Development for Sentara Albemarle Medical Center. “While we want this group of children to be able to put the difficulties of living with asthma out of their minds, we want to take advantage of this time to educate them, and their families, on how they can live as normally as the children they live and play with every day. Asthma can be devastating, but by learning treatment methods and ways to control it, asthma doesn’t have to govern how they spend each day."

Join us June 15 to 17.