Rehabilitation Therapy

Therapy Department

Our therapy department provides physical, occupational and speech therapy to both skilled and long term care residents. Our goal is to promote independence and minimize physical challenges. Our experienced team of therapists provides residents with individually designed programs to help them regain the skills and abilities needed to achieve the independence and lifestyle desired.

Screening Prevention Program

When admitted to Sentara Woodview, each resident is screened to determine if therapy is needed. Residents are also screened quarterly to determine if any functional changes have occurred that might be helped with therapy.

Fall Prevention Program

Our therapists identify residents at risk for falls and use the safest interventions possible to promote safety and prevent falls.

Resident, Caregiver and Family Education Program

Our education program is implemented throughout the whole therapy track. This program teaches residents how to live safely day-to-day and ensures that caregivers and families are aware of any limitations or requirements that are necessary for residents to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Restorative Nursing Program

This maintenance therapy program is overseen by a licensed nurse and administered by our restorative nursing team. Restorative therapy is designed to maintain strength and independence in our long-term care residents.