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What is the MusicGlove?

The MusicGlove is a therapeutic device that utilizes music and gaming to challenge and facilitate hand function. Users of the device follow the musical prompts to perform specific exercises in functional pinching patterns to make motor learning more fun and effective!  It includes different songs and sessions for the user to choose from, as well as levels for continued challenge as progress is made. The program also has an "Analytics" option so that the user can track their progress after playing. 

Who would benefit from using the MusicGlove?

Any person with a neurological injury including stroke, traumatic brain injury, and spinal cord injury, as well as any muscular injury or person with impaired motor coordination of their hands.

What makes the MusicGlove different from traditional hand exercise?

This device is clinically validated and designed to initiate motor learning.  Clinical results show that clients had improved hand function after two weeks of using Music Glove compared to conventional training.

Where can I try the MusicGlove?

Sentara Therapy Center – Leigh in the Occupational Therapy department