Chemotherapy Ports

For long-term or frequent chemotherapy, the vascular specialists at Sentara are here to support your needs.

Chemotherapy Port Access at Sentara

The physicians at Sentara vascular services specialize in the implantation of a port access device and the insertion of a catheter. Our team of expert surgeons will insert the port device and provide you with appropriate care and cleaning instructions.

Chemotherapy Port Insertion: What to Expect

A port for chemotherapy is a type of vascular access device. The port is a small round disc that we place under the skin of your arm or chest. During port implantation, we feed the catheter into a vein in your arm or chest. The port acts as the opening to the catheter. Your port allows:

  • Medication to flow into your body
  • A doctor or nurse to insert a needle into the catheter that is inside your body
  • Chemotherapy medications to flow into your circulation system
  • Your doctor or nurse to draw blood

Who needs a port?

We recommend a port and catheter if you:

  • Need more than one medication at a time
  • Are going to have frequent treatments
  • Need long-term chemotherapy

Port Access Device: Benefits

A port offers many benefits to our patients, including:

  • Reducing discomfort
  • Decreasing trauma and irritation to your skin, vein and muscles
  • Preventing infections

The procedure is an outpatient procedure and typically takes about an hour. You can usually resume light activity following the procedure and most people resume normal activity after a couple of days.

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