Sentara Healthcare has gone from customer to investor in Nashville-based NuScriptRX, a company that enhances medication safety in long term care facilities while reducing waste and costs.

Sentara, NuScriptRX partner in pharmacy management

Nuscript Sentara Partner Nuscript Sentara Partner

Sentara Healthcare, a leading not-for-profit health system based in Norfolk, VA., has gone from customer to investor in Nashville-based NuScriptRX, a company that enhances medication safety in long term care facilities while reducing waste and costs.

NuScriptRX has developed a fully automated on-site eMedStat medication dispensing system and a full service centralized pharmacy that offers 7-day medication replenishment versus the industry standard of 30 days. This ensures a more timely response to medication changes and up to 60 percent reduction in product waste and 10-15 percent in cost savings. Daily dosage packaging can reduce medication pass times from 35-50 percent. The NuScriptRX system also helps improve medication safety with online patient records.

“LTC residents can be admitted at all hours of the day and night, 365 days of the year,” said Dan Haron, CEO of NuScriptRX and a 30-year veteran of pharmacy management. “Our eMedStat computerized dispensing system stocks up to 380 medications ensuring timely administration, improved satisfaction and a smoother work experience for employees based on the ability to provide medication from eMedStat for new admissions, new orders and stat doses within 60-90 minutes of order entry.”

“We were impressed with NuScriptRX after we launched their system in our facilities,” said Bruce Robertson, president of Sentara Life Care, which operates seven nursing centers, three assisted living villages and two PACE programs in Virginia and North Carolina. “As we started to see the results, we saw an opportunity to improve medication safety in long term care outside Sentara by investing in NuScriptRX and advocating for them with other LTC facilities.”

Sentara Healthcare has become a 12 percent partner in NuSciptRX, which includes a seat on the board.

“Sentara is committed to continuous improvement in patient safety and the customer experience,” Robertson added. “We are exploring partnerships with game-changing products and services that will be in high demand in healthcare, and we believe NuScriptRX is one such partner.”

Dan Haron adds, “Sentara’s commitment to safety and quality aligns perfectly with ours and we are delighted to have this nationally respected healthcare provider as a partner. This relationship provides for a strategic foundation that will enable NuScriptRX to continue to move to a market leading position as an innovative pharmacy solution provider to the long-term care industry.”