How one man's wife and children unknowingly convinced this man to make a change.

Getting healthy for his family

Antonio saw such an improvement in his wife, who had recently undergone weight loss surgery. She went from a stationary lifestyle to an active one.

At the same time, Antonio had become heavier than he had ever imagined, tipping the scale at 356 pounds.

"Then one day at work, my life flashed before my eyes," Antonio remembered. "My heart had started pounding real hard, and I was picturing my children being raised without me." 

Scared enough to change

He took action the next day.

"I made a call," Antonio said.

That call was to Sentara, which Antonio describes as "feeling like home." He talked with doctors and agreed to his own surgery, a decision he's glad he made.

"Waking up without pain is priceless," he said.

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