A colonoscopy, a life-saving procedure, is easier than you think.

One test, one life saved

David Kenerson resisted a colonoscopy screening for 15 years, until his doctor threatened to fire him, and his wife got one.

When he finally agreed, the gastroenterologist removed a large pre-cancerous polyp, probably a year or two before it would have converted into a tumor.

" ‘I just saved your life,’ the doctor told me as he walked out of the procedure room,” David remembers.

He grew up in a family of doctors, with what he describes as a healthy skepticism about medicine. His resistance to a colonoscopy had as much to do with cynicism as fear.

“I thought a colonoscopy was just a test doctors ordered to make money,” he says. “I know now that it is a life-saving procedure.”

David admits that he was concerned about pain, but ended up not experiencing any – even during the prep time before the test.

“It was easy. I started taking the laxative around 5 p.m. the night before and I was finished in the bathroom before I went to bed,” he says. “Colon cancers often require surgery and radiation, and your life is never the same. In my belated experience, a colonoscopy is a small price to pay for peace of mind.”

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