R.P. Immerman Memorial Library

The R.P. Immerman Memorial Library at Sentara Northern Virginia Medical Center is a resource center focused on the information needs of our medical professionals.

The library’s collection is limited to medical, nursing and allied health subjects and is technical in nature. Internet and email access is available, and the library has computer work stations and printers for locating and printing online materials.

The public is invited to use the library by appointment. The library does not lend out its collection, but books and journals can be used onsite. Articles from the collection can also be photocopied or scanned. Please note that fees may apply for duplicating services (printing online materials, photocopying or scanning).

The library is open Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. To schedule an appointment to visit the library, please call 703-523-1490703-523-1490 during regular business hours. After hours, please leave a message, including your name and telephone number, or email SNVMC_MedicalStaff@sentara.com.

About Dr. Richard P. Immerman

Richard P. Immerman, M.D., was an infectious disease specialist on the medical staff and a frequent user of the library. Dr. Immerman authored journal articles about toxic shock syndrome and was an affable person with a great sense of humor who was well liked and respected by his colleagues. On Aug. 31, 1989 at age 37, he died suddenly of a heart attack. The library was renamed and dedicated in his memory on June 21, 1990.