Foot & Ankle

Sentara Foot & Ankle Center

Pain or injury in your foot or ankle can keep you from activities you enjoy. It may even be keeping you from simply walking. With twenty-six bones in each foot and seven bones in each ankle, it can often be complicated to determine what is actually creating the pain. When conservative measures such as rest, anti-inflammatories or physical therapy are not offering relief, it's probably time to see a specialist.

At the Sentara Foot & Ankle Center, our team has developed pathways for you to receive the right care for the type of foot or ankle health concern you have. Whether it's pain due to a chronic disease such as diabetes or arthritis, a congenital deformity, an overuse fracture, or an accidental/work related injury, our staff will be able to connect you to the care you need, with both outpatient and inpatient services.

During your treatment, you will have access to an Orthopedic Navigator whose focus is to make sure you are receiving information needed to care for your foot and ankle concerns.