Our Experts

At Sentara, we’re proud of our physicians and clinical teams … not just because of their clinical expertise, but also because of their compassion, dedication and commitment to the health of the communities we serve. The Sentara specialists who may be involved in your orthopedic care include:

Other Specialists

When you choose Sentara for your orthopedic care, you are tapping into a network of many professionals dedicated to bringing you the best possible outcome.

Other specialists that will assist in your treatment and recovery include the following:

At Sentara, nurses demonstrate commitment and specialized knowledge in orthopedic patient care. They are here to listen to your needs and help you understand your treatments and the impact of those treatments on your life.

In addition, patients scheduled for total joint replacement surgery receive guidance from our Orthopedic Navigator.

Physical and Occupational Therapists
The physical and occupational therapists at Sentara work hard to improve patients' sense of well-being during and after treatment.

Through therapeutic exercise, neuromuscular training and patient and family education, our therapists help patients get moving and back to their daily activities.