Why Choose Sentara

At Sentara, we understand that urological conditions can be difficult to discuss, in addition to the physical discomfort they cause. Our team is here to listen and help you live a more comfortable life.

Sentara offers comprehensive treatment of many different types of urological conditions.

Cancer Care

Patients diagnosed with urological cancers will receive personal, expedient and excellent care through the many cancer treatments and services available at Sentara.

Minimally Invasive Treatment

Many patients facing a radical prostatectomy to treat prostate cancer can benefit from a highly successful, minimally invasive surgery using the da Vinci surgical robot.

The da Vinci surgical robot has revolutionized prostatectomy surgery. The robot empowers a surgeon to perform a very precise, nerve-sparing operation through several dime-sized incisions.

For the patient, surgery using the da Vinci robot may result in more rapid and complete control of urinary function, improved erectile function, and quicker return to post-surgical activity.