Online Information and Resources for Healthcare Professionals

Sentara is pleased to provide you with a fast, accurate online verification service to be used for hospital and managed care credentialing. This website provides current practitioner status information and is maintained by the Sentara Hospitals Credentialing Office and Medical Staff Offices. All information contained in the database is secure and cannot be altered by outside parties.

This site verifies affiliations for the following hospitals:

  • Sentara Albemarle Medical Center
  • Sentara CarePlex Hospital
  • Norfolk Hospitals
    • Sentara Norfolk General Hospital
    • Sentara Leigh Hospital
  • Sentara Martha Jefferson Hospital
  • Sentara Northern Virginia Medical Center
  • Sentara Obici Hospital
  • Sentara Princess Anne Hospital
  • Sentara RMH Medical Center
  • Sentara Virginia Beach General Hospital
  • Sentara Williamsburg Regional Medical Center


On the screen titled “Find a Practitioner, ” enter all or part of the last name and/or the first name. Then click on the “Search” button in the lower right corner. All names meeting the criteria entered will appear.

Select the name of the individual for whom a query is requested and click on “Letter” to the right of the name.  A letter will appear. Enter the name and address of the individual to whom the letter should be addressed. At that point, the verification letter may be printed. (Your printer settings may need to be adjusted so the letter prints properly.)

Note: To start a new search, you must hit the "Clear" button each time.

We will no longer provide individual verification letters for providers who can be verified using the website. Requests received for such will be returned to the requesting organization. 

Please check the website before sending a verification request.  

Search for a Practitioner

If the practitioner cannot be found using this website, please feel free to mail or fax your request to:

Sentara Hospitals Credentialing Office
600 Gresham Drive, 7B
Norfolk, VA 23507
Phone: 757-388-6175757-388-6175
Fax: 757-388-6176

Or email

If you require a clinical evaluation, please contact the appropriate Medical Staff Office

  • Sentara Albemarle Medical Center – 252-384-4063252-384-4063
  • Sentara Careplex Hospital – 757-736-2680757-736-2680
  • Norfolk Hospitals- 757-388-3862757-388-3862
    • Sentara Norfolk General Hospital
    • Sentara Leigh Hospital
  • Sentara Martha Jefferson Hospital - 434-654-7309434-654-7309
  • Sentara Northern Virginia Medical Center – 703-523-1432703-523-1432
  • Sentara Obici Hospital – 757-934-4757757-934-4757
  • Sentara Princess Anne Hospital – 757-507-1569757-507-1569
  • Sentara RMH Medical Center - 540-689-1540540-689-1540
  • Sentara Virginia Beach Hospital – 757-395-8577757-395-8577
  • Sentara Williamsburg Medical Center – 757-984-8144757-984-8144

If you are requesting information regarding interns and/or residents, please contact the following:

  • For interns and/or residents from the Eastern Virginia Medical School who completed their training in 1976 or later, please call the Office of Graduate Medical Education at 757-446-6190757-446-6190.
  • For interns and/or residents who completed a residency at Norfolk General Hospital prior to 1976, please fax a request for information to 757-388-4199757-388-4199.
  • For OB/GYN residents from Virginia Commonwealth University who have completed rotations at Sentara Obici Hospital, please contact the Department of OB/GYN at 804-828-8614804-828-8614.