Sentara Martha Jefferson Wound Care Center
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Sentara Martha Jefferson Wound Care Center

Sentara Martha Jefferson Hospital’s Wound Care Services provides advanced treatments that maximize the body’s capacity to heal chronic and complex wounds.

Nearly all of us, at some point in our lives, have had a wound such as a cut, a graze, a burn or a surgical incision. We each have experienced the natural process of watching it heal. However not all wounds heal so easily. The normal healing process can be disrupted for many reasons and some wounds can take months to heal, causing pain, discomfort and an increased risk of infection. 

For individuals that suffer from this chronic problem, there is hope for healing at the Sentara Martha Jefferson Hospital's Wound Care Services.

Chronic wound care is complex by nature and each wound has its own individual requirements to promote healing. Thus, each patient with a chronic wound requires the right balance of specialized care that addresses his or her particular health needs, encourages healing and prevents recurrence.