About Us

The Obici Ambulatory Surgery Center is a joint venture with surgeons and Sentara Obici Hospital, as a limited liability company governed by a six-member board of directors. Obici Ambulatory Surgery Center is licensed by the Commonwealth of Virginia as an outpatient surgical center and is AAAHC and CMS accredited. Obici Ambulatory Surgery Center operates managerially and financially independent from Sentara and works in collaboration with the overall Sentara surgery program as an integral part of the continuum of care.

Obici Ambulatory Surgery Center conducts a periodic community health needs assessment in collaboration with Sentara Obici Hospital. Read the assessment and how we are working to address the areas of greatest need.

Community Health Needs Assessment

Obici Ambulatory Surgery Center has conducted a community health needs assessment in collaboration with Sentara Obici Hospital. The assessment provides us with a picture of the health status of the residents in our communities and provides us with information about health and health-related problems that impact health status.

Our assessment includes a review of population characteristics such as age, educational level, and racial and ethnic composition because these factors can impact health. The assessment also looks at risk factors like obesity and smoking and health indicators such as infant mortality and preventable hospitalizations. Community input is important so the assessment also includes survey results from local health departments, the school system, social services, community health centers, free clinics, local governments, and many others. This information has been brought together in a community health needs assessment.

The needs assessment identifies numerous health issues that our communities face. While there are many important health matters, we are focusing our efforts on the health issues listed below. Considering factors such as size and scope of the health problem, the intensity and severity of the issue, the potential to effectively address the problem and the availability of community resources, and the Sentara mission “to improve health every day,” we have identified these priority health problems in our area:

  • Obesity/nutrition/fitness
  • Diabetes
  • Orthopedics
  • Heart disease
  • Health care coverage

The community health needs assessment was used as the foundation for a hospital implementation strategy to address these priority needs. The assessment and implementation strategy have been adopted by the hospital’s governing body. A number of resources are available in the community to address these needs through community partners such as the local health departments, United Way Agencies, and others. Information about these resources is available from sources like 2-1-1 Virginia and Sentara.com. You can also browse through our Community Benefits Report. Together, we will work to improve the health of the communities we serve.

Read our community health needs assessment.