Healing Notes

At Sentara Leigh Hospital, our goal is to provide quality healthcare, in a safe environment, with friendly staff. We know that being at a hospital can be a stressful experience for many people. Patients and families are often at their worst when having medical procedures or being hospitalized. In addition to providing excellent customer service and quality healthcare, we want to support our patients and families emotionally. The Healing Notes program is an outgrowth of that desire to help our customers in this way.

Additionally, musical performances afford patients an opportunity to engage in meaningful discussions with performers, which help to breakdown social and cultural barriers.

  • Healing Benefits of Music

    Music has a healing power and is used in hospitals, nursing homes, and healthcare settings across the country. It’s proven to reduce stress, pain perception, blood pressure, respiration, and nausea. Healthcare professionals have documented that music provides positive changes in patients’ mood, level of communication, response and reaction, range of movement, cognitive abilities, confidence and self-esteem. Its non-chemical effects are profound and have even been said to have the same effect that medication can have to reduce pain.

  • Healing Notes

    The Healing Notes program was developed as a way to provide artists of all walks of life, from the community, hospital staff, area schools and colleges, professional musicians, and collaborating musicians; anyone who has an interest in share their love of music with others. Musical performances are free of charge to our customers and we do not pay performers for their service.

  • Types of Performances

    Performances and music include, but are not limited to, the following:

    • Barber shop quartet
    • Blues
    • Chambers
    • Classical
    • Faith-based
    • Folk
    • Jazz
    • Harp
    • Opera
    • Pop
    • Singing
  • Program Requirements

    As a healthcare organization, it’s our intent to ensure that musicians have been properly vetted and sharing their philosophy of healing and support of our patients, families and visitors.

    All musicians must:

    • Be at least 12 years old
    • Provide a demonstration of music or performance, via CD, YouTube, live, etc.
    • Complete an in-person or phone interview, and sign a confidentiality agreement.
    • All musicians and performers will be accompanied by a hospital volunteer or staff member.

    For more information, call 757-261-8085757-261-8085.