Clinical Decision Unit

The Clinical Decision Unit is an 11-bed observation unit located on the first floor of Sentara Princess Anne Hospital, alongside the emergency department.

The goal for this unit is to provide a monitored environment for a patient who doesn’t need to be admitted, but still needs specific medical care that can’t be provided in the home setting. Under the direct care of the emergency department physicians, this unit is able to provide aggressive care and treatment as needed for 48 hours until a definitive diagnosis requiring inpatient care is made or the condition has resolved so the patient can be discharged.

Each room has a stretcher with an extended care mattress, cardiac monitor, oxygen, air and suction capabilities and dialysis boxes. For the patient's comfort, the private rooms have attached bathrooms with showers, as well as a TV and lounge chair which will allow a family member to comfortably stay with the patient.

The Clinical Decision Unit also includes specialized equipment to treat and manage the care of pediatric patients.