Why Choose Sentara?

Sentara provides a comprehensive approach to mental health, offering a variety of treatment options and both inpatient and outpatient care.

Available through your local Sentara hospital, our behavioral health centers and teams can provide or connect patients and families to follow-up care, including outpatient group therapy and medication management, to ensure an ongoing recovery. Patients and their families are included in the entire process of treatment and recovery.

We help patients realize that although they may not have full control over their symptoms, they do have control over their lives.

Sentara Behavioral Health Services provides inpatient treatment and outpatient services to people experiencing emotional or behavioral problems. Our experts, including psychiatrists, psychologists and masters level therapists, work together to provide a caring and integrated approach to psychiatric evaluation and treatment.

Our team is committed to providing professional, compassionate and confidential psychiatric care while you or your loved one focuses on recovery and hope. Throughout Sentara, our mental health professionals and administrators work together to ensure the highest level of quality evaluation, treatment and medication management.