Frequently Asked Questions

Consumers often ask "How do I pick the best health care provider?" We provide this section for consumers looking for information about quality home care services.

Consumers should choose a home care agency based on such quality indicators as:

  • Is the home care agency licensed?

    Sentara Home Care is Medicare- and Medicaid-certified and does not require licensure by the state. We have won numerous awards and are affiliated with numerous professional agencies.

  • Does its services include home health, infusion, hospice, etc.?

    Sentara Home Care is a full service organization that offers home health, infusion, hospice, and clinical respiratory services.

  • Is there a mechanism in place to express patient concerns and feedback to the agency?

    Sentara has a comprehensive program in place for patients to provide feedback to the agency whether in the form of concerns or commendations.

  • What is the agency's reputation in the community?

    Sentara Home Care enjoys an excellent reputation in the communities it serves and is the home care agency of choice for many hospitals and physician practices.

  • Is the agency a part of a larger healthcare system in order to provide a continuum of care?

    Sentara Home Care Services is an integral part of Sentara Healthcare and our highly skilled healthcare team members work together to ensure quality care and much of the same advanced technology available in Sentara hospitals.

  • Is the agency accredited?

    Sentara Home Care Services is accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Health Care and belongs to a number of local, state and national organizations, including:

    • American Association of Home Care
    • American Hospital Association
    • National Association of Home Care
    • Virginia Association of Home Care
    • Voluntary Hospitals of America

    Sentara Home Care Services has been ranked in the top 10 Home Care agencies in America by Home Care Magazine over the past several years, and has won the Best-Practice Award for Asthma Management (American Association of Health Plans). The agency is Medicare-Medicaid Certified for home health and Medicare-Medicaid & Champus Hospice Certified.