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In the care of motion-limiting conditions, technology can make a world of difference. Sentara CarePlex Hospital houses the latest diagnostic imaging tools available. Our all-digital equipment includes the latest MRI, CT scanner, digital X-ray technology and more. With remarkable precision, this technology pinpoints problems and can speed results to physicians via computers. Such fast, high-quality images often yield a quicker diagnosis, so treatment and recovery can begin sooner.

Sentara CarePlex Hospital houses 10 smart operating rooms. These surgical suites combine sophisticated equipment along with environmental efficiencies which help shorten surgical procedures and help patients begin recovery and rehabilitation sooner. Our surgeons have the latest computer-assisted equipment which allows for the most precise accuracy in knee-replacement surgery. Arthroscopic surgery, another minimally invasive technique, involves inserting tiny instruments through very small incisions. Minimally invasive procedures greatly shorten recovery times and speed rehabilitation.

Regularly scheduled pre-surgery workshops inform you of what to expect during and after your surgery.

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