Junior Volunteer Program

Junior Volunteers must be at least 14 years old on or before June 1 and complete the 8th grade by the end of June, with a “C” or better average.

Volunteer Requirements

The junior volunteer program has similar processes and requirements as the adult volunteer program. Applicants must comply with the requirements listed below.

  • Complete a junior volunteer application
  • In-person interview with volunteer coordinator (a parent or responsible party must accompany the prospective volunteer)
  • Complete occupational health requirements
  • Copy of most recent grades
  • Attend a one-time orientation session Proof of an annual flu shot (Junior to provide proof from physician or pharmacy)
  • Confirm immunity to measles
  • Purchase a volunteer uniform (cost $15 each)
  • Annual training (e.g. confidentiality agreement)
  • Agree to volunteer at least 4 ½ hours, one day per week on a scheduled basis, two (2) days maximum

    *All required health tests are free-of-charge to the prospective volunteer.


Please contact the Volunteer Office at 757-261-8085 to receive the most up to date junior volunteer application.

Summer Junior Program

Sentara Leigh Hospital offers a structured summer junior volunteer program that aims to offer students entering or high school an opportunity to volunteer in a hospital setting and learn about the healthcare environment from staff and other volunteers. There are a wide variety of volunteer positions available. The summer program is separate than the year-round junior volunteer program and has specific sessions. Please contact the Volunteer Office at 757-261-8085 to receive the most up to date information on Sentara Leigh’s Summer Junior Volunteer Program.