Heartburn Treatment Center

At Sentara Obici Hospital, we recognize the prevalence of heartburn and GERD within the population. More than 60 million American adults experience GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease) and heartburn at least once a month and about 25 million adults suffer daily from heartburn. Twenty-five percent of pregnant women experience daily heartburn and more than 50 percent have occasional distress. That is why we created The Heartburn Treatment Center at Sentara Obici Hospital, a comprehensive center to coordinate all areas of heartburn related discomfort. We offer a seamless program of education, diagnostic and treatment options with a multidisciplinary and collaborative approach to patient care.

The Heartburn Treatment Center at Sentara Obici Hospital is dedicated to treating heartburn and GERD better than anywhere else. Our center has the latest technology, a dedicated and highly-trained team all in a state-of-the-art facility. Sentara Obici Hospital is the only hospital in the region with the Multichannel Intraluminal Impedance (MII) system for manometry. Using the combined strengths of manometry and MII, the Heartburn Treatment Center provides improved resources for diagnosing esophageal motility disorders.  

To schedule a free consultation with our Heartburn Treatment Center Coordinator, call 757-934-BURN (2876).