Spiritual Care

At Sentara, we know that care of the spirit cannot be separated from physical care. We honor your unique spirit, physical and emotional needs, values and beliefs. Recognizing the diversity of spiritual, cultural and religious traditions you bring to us, we are committed to respecting all these things as we care for you.

Our chaplains are our spiritual care specialists, caring for people who are not religious, for those who follow particular faith traditions, and for those who are exploring the meaning of life. They have extensive training to allow them to understand, support, and advocate for your beliefs and values. We know that your cultural, spiritual, and religious beliefs are the basis for your decisions about health care. Therefore, our chaplains work with the healthcare team to ensure that your beliefs and values are part of discussions about your medical care.

Chaplains are available at all of our hospitals and for hospice care patients. For more information on our hospital-based programs, click on a hospital below:

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