• What is a video visit?

    A video visit is similar to Skype or FaceTime and allows you to securely connect with a Sentara Medical Group provider through your computer, tablet or mobile phone in real time. During your video visit, the provider will assess your medical condition, determine a treatment plan and, if necessary, submit a prescription to your pharmacy – all without you leaving the comfort of your home or office.

  • How do I schedule a video visit?

    There are multiple ways to schedule a video visit:

    Prior to your scheduled visit, please download the Sentara App, log in, and your provider will be with you shortly.

  • What conditions can be treated through a video visit?

    Many conditions, such as urinary tract infections, yeast infections, pink-eye, acid re-flux, allergies, rashes and minor injuries, can be safely and easily managed. Most seasonal symptoms such as coughs, colds, sinus congestion and flu-like symptoms are routinely treated with video visits.

    Video visits are currently for patients 18 and older.

  • Will the video visit be with my regular primary care provider?

    No, the video visit will be with an experienced Sentara Medical Group primary care provider. However, the provider will have immediate access to your health record and will communicate with your regular primary care provider after your visit.

  • How much does it cost?

    The fee for a video visit is your regular co-pay. Please contact your insurance company for provider participation or specific coverage questions.

  • Can my primary care provider review my video visit?

    Yes, the notes from your video visit will be recorded in the same medical record that your primary care provider uses. This means our virtual care team has immediate access to your medications, allergies, and medical history enabling us to provide you with personalized care during each visit.

  • How can a provider treat me without seeing me in their office?

    Our licensed clinical team utilizes nationally recognized best practices to ensure that the care we provide is safe and of the highest quality. A significant number of health related concerns can be diagnosed through visual observation and communication with a provider. Our providers are highly trained to meet these standards.

  • Can I receive a prescription with a video visit?

    Yes. If the provider you are visiting with determines that you need a prescription, we will submit a prescription to the pharmacy of your choice.

  • Is the video visit secure?

    Yes. We use HIPAA compliant software and video technology to ensure that your video visit and information is secure and safe.

  • How do I engage in a video visit?

    In order to engage in a video visit, you will need an email and a device that has a screen and a camera. For example - a smart phone, tablet or computer with a webcam will work.